"My first impression of Stephen was that he was incredibly professional, upon meeting him I found out extremely fast that was just a small part of his character. I don't think I've ever felt so instantly comfortable with a photographer, as I did with Stephen. If his personality isn't enough to make you want to work with him, his portfolio will do the trick! He knows what he wants out of images and makes the most out of the time he has with you. I would definitely love to work with him again, if our lives allow for it!"

- Maggie Hedrick, Tampa-based Model (@maggiehedrick)

"Stephen was an absolute joy to shoot with - from start to finish he was professional, hysterical, and easygoing. He'll make you feel at ease and very comfortable and knows exactly what works and what doesn't and can help guide you to get the best images. I enjoyed our session together and the stunning images we got from it and I'm looking forward to the next round! Thank you again!"

- Ivana Maieli, Sarasota-based model

"I recently had the opportunity to shoot with Stephen Dillon & had a blast every second! He is a "Light Master" & has a great balance of giving direction and allowing the model to bring ideas to the table. I don't believe I've ever laughed so much, felt so sexy & beautiful all at the same time on a shoot! If ever you have a chance to shoot with Stephen, TAKE IT! You won't regret it! I can't wait to shoot with him again & again & again!"

- Elizabeth Heckendorn, Sarasota-based model (@elizzziebetherin)

"Simply put, working with Stephen Dillon was an exciting and refreshing experience - from his creativity to his enthusiasm, his confidence and passion for photography was infectious. But it was his professionalism that was most appreciated, as he perfectly balances giving direction, while keeping an open mind to your own ideas and suggestions. Calm and patient, he was always willing to do what was needed for the perfect shot. And because of these qualities, he was able to capture my personality in such a beautiful, accurate way - without even knowing me. It is an absolute honor to have your work as part of my portfolio, and I cant wait to do it again - you made shooting not only fun, but an adventure!"

- Liberata Dolce, professional model and fashion coordinator for Prolific Quarterly

"Stephen is the best human as well as being an epic creative. He almost ruins you for other photographers. Stephen understands what works and what doesn't; this most likely comes from his immense body of work. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this man! "

Lyndsey Crawford, professional singer/songwriter & actress ( @lynzcrawford )

"Stephen is my favorite photographer of all time, he is so professional and the product is incredible - I definitely recommend him!"

LUNA, professional singer/songwriter & model ( @hailluna )

"BEST photographer I've ever worked with hands down! Professional, patient, HILARIOUS and extremely efficient! Looking forward to shooting again very soon.”

- Mercedes Small, professional makeup artist & model based in Chicago (@mas_coils)

“I've been shooting professional images for more than 2 decades and can't think of a single picture of mine which

even approaches the artistry of Stephen Dillon's. His work is exceptional.”

- Reed Hummell, professional photographer for Nashville Opera

"To review Stephen and his work is an incredibly hard task. Not because of any juxtaposition of artistic preferences, but simply because it is so easy to get lost in the beauty, creativity, and very distinguished look he has put into every piece of work he has created. Stephen always has had the eye to see things other photographers miss. He understands that there is so much more to a picture than just what is in front of the camera. He is a photographer with a natural ability to understand movement, lighting, natural surroundings, setting a stage, and bringing out the beauty in everything he sees and bring it to life through his lens. Having the privilege of working alongside with Stephen, I have personally witnessed the countless hours of thought, attention to detail, respect of the art itself, and pure love of the profession that he so religiously practices. Stephen always pushes himself to find that "what can make me better?" next step. He is always striving to get the best shot and never willing or wanting to give up one no matter the circumstances are. On top of Stephen's incredible talent and creative eye, he is a one of the most humble, kind, respectful and joyous beings on this planet (or any). It has been a privilege over the many years for me to not only watch Stephen grow and perfect his craft as a photographer, but to also share life as a close friend. Stephen is an incredible photographer, friend, ally, creative partner, loving husband to his wife Hanna, and all around solid human being. I would HIGHLY suggest working with Stephen and having the opportunity to spend time with such a visual mastermind and creative genius."

- Jessica Benson ( @bensoniusprime )

"Stephens work is exceptional. The final product is always a true work of art."

- Michelle Cellucci, photographer ( @michelle_maria86 )

"Do you want to look good? Maybe professional? Sexy, goofy, dumb, covered in dirt, jumping off a building, asleep on train tracks?! Stephen is the man for the job. 
Working with Stephen is a dream…without the sleep part. He will make those who love being in front of the camera, and those who hate it, incredibly comfortable regardless of the situation. He can take even the ugliest of horses and make them look as majestic as Sea Biscuit. I've worked with Stephen enough times to know that no matter the situation, the mood, the lighting, the weather, that he truly knows how to “make it work” (as Tim Gunn would say.) And any nerves you might have going into the shoot are instantly washed away with his camera side manner and humor. To put it simply, this guy knows what he's doing. Seriously. For great photos and an even BETTER time, Stephen is it."

- Kelly Brown ( @ke1brown )

"Stephen was such a pleasure to work with for my headshots. He is patient, gives great direction, and above all his work is beautiful and full of life. I can't recommend him enough!"

- Anna Marie Prokop, professional singer

"Stephen and I have worked together twice and I wouldn't want to work with anyone else. His sessions are special with just the right amount of extremely helpful direction. I try to look different every time he comes to town just to get new headshots from him! Highly recommended for any occasion."

- Annie Chester, professional singer ( @mezzosoprannie )

"I've Never worked with a photographer who had as impeccable an interplay with his clients as Stephen. He can, in even the most green, nervous, newbie, instill a sense of courage, flair, and drama with his camera side manner. While most other high end photographers will convince you anything is more important than yourself, Stephen keeps you and your ideas front and center. His friendly, easy going, yet professional disposition make for an environment that is completely judgement free and comfortable. This feeling of ease will certainly reflect in the photograph and help uncover a new creative side in even the most timid of subjects."

- Kellen Swift-Godzisz